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Also known as EternalMirage in many places. :)

I'm just an amateur traditional artist that draws manga-styled people and anthros. I have a lot of characters, but seemingly not enough time to draw them all. ^^; I have a lot to learn but I'm always open to constructive criticism. :)

I also love to write fantasy. Specifically characters and world building. I have two anthro fantasy races, the reptilian/amphibian shelmeks and the lupine vinranalians, as well as an original culture of humans. It is my hope that one day I can draw and write intense action scenes as well as emotional and dramatic moments that will leave a mark on the reader.

I'm currently writing a story that I've been brewing in my head ever since I was a child: Two Worlds Become One. It features magical action scenes and a large cast of human and anthro characters fighting against dark forces. As with my drawing, I am always willing to improve my writing and storytelling skill. I'm passionate about my characters and the world I've created and I want to tell this story the best I can!
So, I got inspired by :iconaudes: doing a similar journal. Figured I'd give it a try too! Here's the songs I think go with my characters. I don't listen to lyrical music all that much. Most of the time when I do it's on the car radio while I'm going to work or school. So many of the songs here are mainstream pop songs. Oh, and RWBY. I looooove the RWBY soundtracks. ^_^ 

1. Jack: Lights, Ellie Goulding

It's weird. Whenever I hear this song, I think of Jack. Jack's gonna have a lot going on with him in 2WB1. He'll need to stay strong to not only to his friends, but to himself as well. And in turn, his friends will need to stay strong for him as well. I'll say no more. ;) 

2. Spike: Caffeine, Jeff & Casey Lee Williams 

This song is hyper, fast-paced, heart-pumping and references coffee. Perfect for my comic-loving jock, Spike! Like the song, Spike likes get right up in his foe's face, hammering them with ferocity and an unbreakable stubbornness. 

3. Emika: Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson

I know Em hasn't been very active in the story so far, but there's a reason. Her entire life she's been sheltered by her father because of her blindness. Emika has never had a say in her life. She would always stay inside with her dancing and her plushie collection. Even as a powerful Chronomancer, she still chose to do nothing while her friend was kidnapped. But now, wracked with guilt, she's vowed that she's gonna get off her butt and do something! Let's see what comes of it. ;) 

4. Kataak: When I'm Gone, 3 Doors Down

So when I was in middle school (about the age of 10-11), troops were being deployed to Iraq in retaliation of the 9/11 terror attacks. I was riding the school bus and the radio station was playing this song along with families saying farewell to their soldier. Ever since then, I've associated this song with war. War is practically in Kataak's blood. It's all he's ever known. But even with his trusted companions beside them, there are things he's afraid to tell them. Kataak has done things that cause him to lose sleep. But even though things get tough, there's no other place he's rather be than at their side. 

5. Famena: Listen to your Heart, DHT

Yeesh. What do I say here? Famena and Irithmir have been together literally since birth. Without him, Famena feels incomplete, not even a person. For a time, Famena didn't want to go on. "What does it matter?" But Famena is a guardian. And there are people -- friends -- who need her. And she will go to them. 

6. Dinn: Firework, Katy Perry

Okay, so, this song is literally perfect for Dinn. Seriously, almost every line fits him. Being a runt in a society that demands strength and grit, Dinn did not have the best childhood. Or adulthood. (Shh. Dinn will never adult) Even the freaking General is like, "Ugh. Why are we keeping this thing?" But there's something deep inside of him waiting to explode. (almost literally) 

7. Lawk: Some Nights, FUN

Oh, Lawk. I torture you so much. Growing up in a lonely wasteland, alone and hungry, really does things to a young hunter who misses his mom and dad. Going days without catching any food did things to his self-worth. Oh, and he had no friends. Good thing that's about to change! :dummy: 

Jennifer, Nikhil, and Jacob I have yet to find songs for. :\ 


Irithmir: All Our Days, Jeff & Casey Lee Williams

I'm just...gonna drop this here. Before I start crying. 

Nightmare: I'm the One, Jeff & Casey Lee Williams

I haven't introduced Nightmare yet, and he's not coming up for a while. But I felt like I needed to include his song here. This song is new, but I love it. It's arrogant, cocky, spiteful and malicious. Just like Nightmare. He may not pop for a while, but when he does arrive, he's gonna bring mayhem with him! :evillaugh: 

Let me know what you guys think! :D 

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